A downloadable game

Something i made in 1 day. This is a prototype of what will be a single or coop platformer, boss fighting, and fighting game. Currently using assets from this site for the prototype.

It has a cool mechanic where you cancel your fireball with a jump.

Spam shoot and jump together to fly!

Bombs will explode if you hit invisible walls on the side.

Talk to me if you wanna make a game together.  =)


1 player = wasd,h to shoot,j to jump

2 player = arrow keys,numpad 1 to shoot,numpad 2 to jump

Runs in the oldest potatos possible.

Install instructions

If the game crashes if you alt+tab right click the exe file and run program in compatibility mode.


The Strongest Fire Mage.zip 31 MB


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Hope you finish this.  Been playing against my bro for the last hour. Will post video soon.